Pulled Pork

Having a small party?

Using our tried and tested cooking methods we can offer pulled pork which is the most tender, juiciest, loveliest pork!! The same great meat you would get from our classic hog roast.

We can serve it hot for you with our usual quality fresh bread rolls and sauces. With salads too for a full meal.

Or if you'd prefer, we can 'drop and leave' your food for you on platters. An economical, different catering option.

There's a reason the Yanks go crazy for this meat! We can bring you some authentic U.S. barbeque sauce with your pulled pork. Pulled pork is a great option for small parties, of less than 60 guests.

Or you can have traditional English style with crackling and apple sauce.

We can supply our quality freshly made salads too for Nottingham and Leicester pulled pork

Guide price: £12 per person includes; hot pork, stuffing, fresh bread in a basket, jars of sauces, hot potatoes, fresh salad, homemade 'slaw, disposable plates, cutlery and napkins.